Omnichannel Extensibility

Voice and digital communication channels in one platform

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Today’s consumers want to connect with brands on their terms – when they want, where they want. To meet these expectations, organizations must offer a range of communication channels – telephone, email, live chat, and social media.

With Comm100, delivering this omnichannel offering is a breeze. Organizations can integrate their voice system into Comm100’s digital communication platform, giving customers the choice they want while simplifying service delivery with just one piece of flexible software.

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Build and scale your digital capabilities

With your voice system integrated into Comm100’s platform, you can add as many digital channels as you need to your offering, helping you to build a true omnichannel experience for your customers without a bloated or complicated system.

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user experience
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Unified user experience

By connecting every channel into one console, your customers always receive the consistent and streamlined support that they expect, improving the customer experience and building loyalty. After all, 73% of consumers say they ‘expect connected experiences’. With Comm100 you can deliver this all within a single UI.

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Expand as and when you need

Easily expand and build upon your existing capabilities with
Comm100 digital messaging and automation. Our solution is marketplace ready, allowing you to add the channels you need into your solution, while leveraging your existing user interface.

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Easily integrate

Comm100 offers embedded feature configuration allowing third party integration. Easily build from your existing solution with off-the-shelf integrations and a highly flexible API.

[Solution Sheet] Omnichannel Extensibility – Voice and digital communication channels in one platform

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